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When and Where
  • 11/11/2020 2:00 PM EST
  • 11/11/2020 3:00 PM EST
  • Webinar
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Our industry is feeling the pain of enormous administrative burden and inefficiencies in an ecosystem that is made up of disparate parts with little coordination and each taking time and energy away from providers caring for their patients. In order to make effective point-of-care decisions, providers, patients, payers, and other service providers must have complete and accurate information that is readily accessible.

UnitedHealthcare is committed to serving care providers by introducing new ways to simplify and personalize the system, facilitate real-time data capture and bi-directional exchange to enhance the quality, improve the experience and optimize clinical decision-making. 

The Point of Care Solutions session will show how UnitedHealthcare is creating a system for the care provider community that will facilitate seamless and more intelligent interactions. Point of Care Assist encompasses a portfolio of services designed to streamline daily workflow, improve patient care, and reduce physician burnout.

Attendees will learn how this solution can be directly within their Electronic Medical Record.